Galen Jackson

Operating within a feedback loop of revision, Jackson's world has taken on a trajectory of it's own to produce a layered and tangled trail of artifacts fraught with anxiety and satire. Cultivating his narrative through publishing, performance, installation and film this far reaching reality gains momentum with each new layer of fiction. 


"I work on sheets of ice with rods of pig iron and gallon jugs of gasoline, with magnetic tape in the back of Chevrolet Suburbans, with wrists and toes on underpowered late­century motorcycles, with phonographs inside of freshly painted plywood cubes, in MIDI, with laser toner and behind cameras. And, crucially, I work with others, both the like­minded and the hostile.


Tangibly, the technical linchpin of my practice is video. Video constitutes a crucial part or the entirety of my cinema, video art, mark­making, performance, bookmaking, and computing arts works.


I strive to breathe elaborate fictional universes into life, so that I can become their doting custodian and mechanic, abiding their raveling and unraveling logic.


In the final instance, I am more the ecstatic vessel of creation than the creator." 


-Galen Jackson

Galen Jackson performing for the 2013 Murphy & Cadogan Contemporary Art Awards Exhibition at SOMArts, San Francisco, CA.

Curated by Anja Ulfeldt

Solo Exibition

May 8th-26th


Opening Reception:

Friday May 8th 7-10pm

Opening reception with performances by Galen Jackson, Philip Morganelli, Ross Warren, Mantra Plonzi

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Galen Jackson performing during HALF TILT FULL LEAN at Thomas Welton Stanford Art Gallery, Stanford, CA