Frontier by Danielle Schlunegger

Solo Exibition

May 13th - 30th, 2016

Curated by Anja Ulfeldt

Danielle’s work subverts institutional systems of representation by creating aesthetics of authority while taking poetic license with truth and history. Inspired by natural history and the museums that house it, Danielle creates her own worlds within this established context. Her upcoming installation, Frontier, presents a vision of exploration and conquest during the Age of Imperialism in the Americas. Her work searches for the elusive and misguided promise of truly untouched lands and considers this idea from the perspective of naturalists, who are themselves, Invaders.


Danielle has been working with wax since she began using it in the lost wax process of bronze casting. Ephemeral by nature, this material will experience melting, casting, forming and finally melting again during the course of this exhibition. Schlunegger intends to both build and destroy historical notions of the past by creating museum quality dioramas and literally allowing them to melt away.


Danielle Schlunegger grew up amongst the shell shops and sand dunes of Ventura, CA. Currently working and living in Oakland CA, her artwork explores alternate histories through sculpture, drawing and early photographic processes. Danielle graduated from California College of Arts in 2010 with distinction, receiving the All College Honors award for her work on The Marcus Kelli Collection.

Opening Reception:

Friday May 13th, 7-10pm


Basement Gallery Oakland

1027 3rd Street, Oakland 94607

Video by Anja Ulfeldt

The Marcus Kelli Collection
The Rented Room (detail)
Sleeping Under Giants, 2015
A Rough Landing